Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs

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When we started to write our horoscopes, we made a very short characteristics for each zodiac sign. The reason was simple – to provide the most important information for everyone, who is reading the horoscope and who wants to get familiar with the basic traits of his or her zodiac sign.

After a year we decided to build a new specialized website bateleur.eu focused only on this unique topic. You can find a large number of websites dealing with the zodiac sign issue, but we hope you will appreciate our view more then the rest. We try to offer you some new and refreshing look on this eternal theme. It is useless to repeat the history, thus our articles describing the zodiac signs are based on relevant traditional sources, but we are trying our best to bring the character of each sign near to the vision of contemporary world dominated by Internet, globalization etc.

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People born under the sign of Aries are forceful and ambitious. They easily become enthusiastic about something new. A typical Aries is a pioneer who encourages others by own eagerness. They are often idealists who defend their thoughts aloud. The passion of Aries can take many forms, from a joyful coffeehouse debate to a blind dedication of the Knights Crusade ... (read more)


If you say to Taurus that he or she is stubborn, they will certainly disagree and politely explain to you how patient and cautious only they are. But do not be fooled! If Taurus once makes up his / her mind, hardly you will change such decision. Imagine a real bull. How do you think you could persuade such animal to voluntarily cross the meadow, if it will stand at some convenient and grassy spot? ... (read more)


Geminis have a brilliant sense of humor and diplomacy. They are responsive and receptive. The key element of people born under the sign of Gemini is the air and their planet is Mercury. The air suggests that they do not often stand with both feet on the ground and if you imagine the god Mercury with his winged shoes, it will be immediately clear that instability and variability is the essential characteristic of Gemini ... (read more)


The water is the element of Cancer and as such is this a symbol of the unconscious. Cancerians are therefore prone to frequent mood swings that emanate from their unconscious. They are often abducted by their feelings because they do not have them completely under control. The joy and the sorrow alternate regularly as the land and the water. Cancer is a big dreamer who has a lot of inspiration and ideas ... (read more)


Leo is a bright and proud ruler. You can find him or her basking in the sun, or running towards some important goal. And this is mostly some kind of essential job. Leo is usually smart enough not to waste the energy and effort. The people born under the sign of Leo know, what efficiency means – if you can easily sweep the floor with proper broom, be sure they will not advise you a toothbrush for such a job ... (read more)


Virgos are reliable and accurate. You can see at first glance that they are sticklers with a calm and balanced view of the world. Often, however, they are bothered by inner fears, which disrupt their emotional balance and also digestion. "Have I cooked enough rice for lunch today?" or "Will not John be angry, because I have not invited him today? I have to clean up first!" Similar questions can really make wrinkles on the Virgo's forehead. ... (read more)


The ideal of people born under the sign of Libra is the harmony. They are peaceful angels who would like to settle all disputes around. But unfortunately today's world is quite turbulent and volatile place, so these people have to spend most of their time "balancing the scales" rather than enjoying the harmonious mood. You can hardly envy them. Their life is not one endless nirvana as you might expect. On the contrary... (read more)


To get along with Scorpio is sometimes not easy. The insults can bounce quickly from him or her and they will surely not melt as the snow in spring when you warmly flatter them. Thus, the usual tactic that commonly affects relationships does not apply to them. Scorpios simply do not need anyone to tell them how good they are. And even if they will agree with your compliments, they will think ... (read more)


"Wear one's heart on one's sleeve" – this is the best summary of the Sagittarian characteristic. It's a good-natured archer who arouses respect and embarrassment at the same time. They are not spiteful, but their flippancy and sincerity can disarm many people, even friends. When Sagittarius will shoot the arrows around, he or she will smile while your laugh will probably be soon over ... (read more)


What is the Capricorn for a person and how to introduce this zodiac sign? The ideal form is probably a mountain chamois (the goat). The genuine Capricorn is able to climb the social ladder as skilfully as his four-legged relative in the mountains. He or she will be very careful where to step, because every wrong move could end up with a very painful fall ... (read more)


Aquarians are often the great visionaries and dreamers who do not acknowledge the values and lessons of the past with the proper respect. Among people born under the Aquarius zodiac sign you will find Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison or Galileo Galilei. And each of them did enough to turn the science upside down. Aquarius will not judge you according to the first impression ... (read more)


Have you ever seen a fish that would last in one place for long (unless it was dead of course)? Thus, any healthy fish must be permanently in motion. Pisces working as a cashier in a hypermarket or as a gatekeeper, this is not an ideal picture. The suitable place for them is for instance a steward(ess) on the plane, which can comfortably travel around the world and is constantly on the move. If Pisces should stay in one place ... (read more)